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A Quick Guide to Buy the Best Bow Tie for Your Wedding


Dressing for a wedding can be challenging task. Women are known to be anxious about their ‘dress’ for the big day but even for men there is more to it than getting fitted for a tuxedo. For your outfit to come out perfect, you may have to spend some time more than you thought. Selecting the right tux and accessories is vital, for instance, if you have decided to go with the traditional formal tuxedo, a bow tie is the perfect accessory.

The bow tie may look simple but choosing the right one is crucial. Since modern times do not often call for extremely formal clothing, not many men are used to the idea of a bow tie. Thankfully, you can now easily buy bow ties online at stores like the Modern Day Mogul. But before deciding on the type of bowtie, you should understand the basics of this classic and stylish men’s accessory.

Bowtie Styles

The most common and important styles are the butterfly, the batwing, and the diamond point.

  • Butterfly

The butterfly is wider and commonly seen. It flares outward and easier to manipulate in the shape that you desire. The modern butterfly bow tie is a little smaller in width than the classic butterfly.

  • Batwing

The batwing bowtie is usually cut straight and slim. It is a much more modern bowtie.

  • Diamond Point

The diamond point is kind of between the batwing and the butterfly. The ends taper down into a point giving it an almost asymmetrical appearance.

Bowtie Rules

The original rule for a bowtie was that it should not extend beyond the edges of the collar, but there are many different shirt styles now. Now a bowtie with its outer edges falling between the width of the face and the outer edges of the eyes is more acceptable.

Bowtie Types

Since everyone doesn’t know how to tie a bow perfectly, the pre-tied bow is also available. But remember that tying a bow is not difficult. So do not go for the pre-tied for your big day. In case you feel uncomfortable, ask for help from a friend who knows how to do it.

Bowtie Material

A black tux and a white shirt are a wedding classic. Traditionally silk and satin bow ties have been worn. You could also match the material of the bow tie to that of the lapel facing of your tux.

Finding Great Bow Ties

You could easily buy classic and modern bowties on leading online stores such as Modern Day Mogul where you could choose from a wide range of bow ties.

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